IADT Logo Redesign

Project Description

This was a project for my Graphic Design II course at the International Academy of Design and Technology. The goal was to redesign the logo for the school and also make business cards, company letterhead, and envelopes. I was asked to make two version of it, one to print on dark backgrounds and one to print on light backgrounds.

Tools Used

Illustrator PhotoShop

Project Details

Client IADT Sacramento
Date Fall of 2012
Skills Branding, Company Stationery Design

Logo Design

I opted for simple and clean design for the logo, contained within a square for added simplicity.

Business Cards

The logo is the main feature of the front of the business cards, which makes it eye catching. The back of the card is done in white with an outline of the logo. The reason for this is so that the person who is given the card can color or decorate it any way they like. This helps to convey the message that the school encourages creativity in its students.

Project Gallery