Plan Z Ceramics

Project Description

Plan Z Ceramics is a hand made ceramics operation located in Paradise, California. The company owner asked me to create a logo in a cartoon zombie style, similar to Plants vs Zombies. He also asked me to make business cards with a QR code on the back, and a website to showcase his products and inform his customers of upcoming events. I was also asked to modify the logo for use in a 3-color screen print for t-shirts.

Tools Used

Illustrator PhotoShop WordPress

Project Details

Client Jared Pardue
Date Fall of 2014
Skills Branding, Web Design

Website Design

Site is live at

For the Plan Z Ceramics website, I wanted to showcase the client’s beautiful work and give users an easy to navigate experience. I created places for him to showcase his YouTube videos as well as his product photos. I set it up to be fully automated so that the client only has to update his facebook page to keep his website updated. When he posts on his facebook page, they automatically go to his blog. If he adds a specific hashtag to his posts, they will go to the events page.

Business Cards

I used earth tones for most of this project to keep with the clay product theme. The business cards showcase some of the client’s best work, while remaining simple and easy to read. When a customer scans the QR code on the back of the card, it takes them to the website.

Project Gallery